5 best ways to earn money online

Hello friends, In this article, I will tell you 5 best ways to earn money online. This post is for students and for them who want to work from home on a part-time basis. At first, I would like to say that If you searching for “How to make money fast” then I must say this post is not for you. Maximum websites who commit you to give huge money for the little amount of job. Most of them are fake. please read this article fully, I will tell you all trusted income sites.


Make money on YouTube

The best and trusted way to make money online is Youtube. First, you have to create a channel on a specific topic. Choose a topic which you like the most. Then make videos on this topic and upload it to your YouTube channel on a regular basis. All the famous Youtubers started from zero video views and zero subscribers. Right now they have millions of views and subscribers. So do not lose hope. At first, no one knows your channel, So at that time you will get a small number of views. But do not get demotivated from this. Keep patience and make & upload your great content consistently. You need to get 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time(within 12 months) to monetize your videos. After monetizing your videos you will earn money from them. We will provide a full tutorial on Youtube to our Website. So Stay tuned.


Make money from publishing kindle ebook

This is the second best way to earn money online. It is best for them who love to write. You can sell your book online just complete the following steps. Just write a book on some tutorial, or on some topic and publish it on Amazon Kindle. Just go to the link and create an Amazon Kindle account. It is very easy. After creating your account, you need to know the manuscript format. Customize your word document as per their requirement. You should create a cover page of your book. Design this cover as best as you can. Because the first impression is the last impression. Yes, you must have a great content for your book but the cover page is also important.


Earn money from blogging

Share your knowledge, thoughts & ideas with people into your blog. There are two basic ways to create a blog. one is by blogger. This is a free method. Just click on the link and create your subdomain. Post your articles daily in this domain. Then connect & approve your Google Adsense account for this blog. You will get paid for showing some ads on your blog via Adsense. Another method is a paid method. You need to buy a domain and hosting. By using WordPress you can create your own website. Keep in mind that you need to post original articles. Do not copy and paste from other websites. If you do so then Adsense will not approve your website.


Earn money from affiliate marking

You can earn money online from Amazon, Flipkart affiliate program. Let’s first understand the concept of affiliate marketing. The concept is very simple. Suppose you become an affiliate for Amazon and you bring a person to their site. Now that person makes a purchase and you will get a commission for that. when you registered as an affiliate marketer, you will get an affiliate link for each product. You will need to share this link. There are many ways to share this links but the best way to create a website. people visit your site and purchase something through your link. Then will get a commision. That is how it works.


Become a seller on Amazon

Register yourself as a seller on Amazon, sell your own product and earn money from it. To register as a seller please open Amazon’s official website and in the footer section, you will find “Sell on Amazon” link. Open this link and you will need to put some information like your product category, product price, shipping charge, your bank details etc. After finishing the registration process they will take some time to review your account and after that, your product will be live on Amazon.

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