Top 5 Android Screen Recorder with Audio Recording Feature

 Android Screen Recorder with Audio

  Hello folks, are you searching for “Android screen recorder with audio recording feature” ?? Then I must say that this is the right place for you. In this post, I will tell you Top 5 Android screen recorder with audio recording function. Just read the full article and use the best android screen recording application.

  Sometimes we need to record our mobile screen. suppose you create a gaming channel on Youtube and you want to upload your gaming videos. Then you need a screen recorder app. This app will record your mobile screen and you can easily upload your videos on Youtube. It is not only for recording gaming videos but also you can record many things. You can record your tutorial video, App description video, “what is in your phone” video etc. You can record your voice at the time of screen recording. So, check out the lists and tell us which is the best you think. 

5 Best App for Screen Recording

  • Mobizen Screen Recorder

  This is one of the best Screen recording App for Android. There are some special features on this App. It automatically customizes its settings after installing. It determines the best bitrate, resolution, & quality of recording as per your phone. The default Mobizen app goes with almost every phone. If you are using Samsung or LG phone then you can download this App from the link given below. Let’s talk about this App in detail. After installing this App you can see a red “M” button in the home screen. In this button, you will find “take screenshot”, “screen recording” & “settings” options. You can go to the settings and can change the settings as per your requirement. I personally recommend that it is better to record your screen with default settings. But if you think the quality of the video is not good or the bitrate should high then you can change it. There is another best feature of this app is, it has a “webcam” option. You can also record your face by turning on “webcam”. when you record screen, It will show your face in a small portrait box.

android screen recorder with audio Mobizen Screen Recorder

Mobizen Screen Recorder for Samsung

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  • AZ Screen Recorder

  It is another good Android screen recorder with audio feature. I can say this is an alternative App of Mobizen screen recorder. It is available on play store since form the time of lollipop. AZ screen recorder has 4.6 rating for its best performance. Like Mobizen it also has the same video settings. one more option is available in AZ screen recorder. In this App, you can change the output frame rate. The root access is not required for this App. If you facing some problem with Mobizen, then you can use this App. Mobizen is not properly supported to some devices like Lava, Vivo etc. AZ screen recorder is the best alternative for those users.

top 5 android screen recorder

 AZ Screen Recorder

  • DU Screen Recorder

  This is the 3rd best Android Screen Recorder with audio. There two more extra features in this App. First, you can directly record “GIFs” and second, you can broadcast your game live to the DU community. Otherwise, all functionalities are the same as the above two Apps. You can make a maximum 5 sec GIF file from this App. You can also make GIF files of previously saved videos.

android screen recorder with audio DU Screen Recorder

  • ADV Screen Recorder

  The above three applications are the same. They also record the screen very well. Then Why should we choose this App? Let’s discuss some special features of this App. You can annotate at the time of recording. This is a great feature for those who want to make tutorial videos. at the time of recording, just tap the screen. You will get some annotation options. By using these options you can easily draw, mark anywhere of your screen and it will become a part of your recording.   

android screen recorder with audio

ADV Screen Recorder

  • Hidden Screen Recorder

  “Hidden Screen Recorder” by this name you can understand this is a spy screen recorder. This app is password protected. you can protect your recording videos by password. After installing this app, you can hide the app icon from app launcher. when you dial “#007” form your phone dialer, the application will launch. Another great feature is, You can run this for some specific Apps. let suppose you want to record only one game. just configure your recorder. after this, when you open this game, the recording will be automatically started in the background.

  Hope you like these top 5 android screen recorder. if you have any question regarding this, please comment below and don’t forget to subscribe flodest to see our future posts. Thank you.

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