Best Wireless Doorbell For Your Home

| Best Wireless Doorbell For Your Home |

Hello, folks welcome to flodest’s Gadgets Section. So you need the best wireless doorbell for your home, right?? I must say that is the right place for you. Just read the full article.  In this article, I will tell you two best quality wireless doorbell with camera functionality. Not only the camera feature. There are lots of features both the doorbell has. In the next section, I will discuss all the features of these wireless doorbells in detail. This post is also for them who are from United Kingdom and searching for “best wireless doorbell UK”

Ring Video Doorbell 2

Ring has four types of video doorbells. These are Video Doorbell, Video Doorbell 2, Video Doorbell Pro & video doorbell Elite. All of these has various types of features. Today I am talking about Video Doorbell 2.

Some unique features and its awesome design make this doorbell more special. The video doorbell 2 is one of the best doorbell that alerts your phone. Yes, you can connect your phone to this doorbell via App. After connecting it, you are able to monitor your home from anywhere. whenever someone is in front of your door, it alerts your phone. Its wide angle 1080p video camera helps you to observe the side views. The doorbell 2 has a microphone and a speaker to talk to visitors. Infrared night vision is available with this device. Not only that you will also get a live view on-demand video and audio feature.  If you think about motion detection in this device is available or not. Yes, motion detection sensor is available on this device. You can easily adjust the motion jones.

Best Wireless Doorbell For Your Home best wireless doorbell UK doorbell that alerts your phone wireless doorbell with multiple receivers best wireless doorbells in 2018

Technical specification

Now the time to discuss all the technical details of this device. This device has two power options. By Hardwired(8-24 VAC) or battery. If you want to use the battery only, then also you will never face any problem at the time of charging. You will get a quick rechargeable battery pack in this wireless doorbell kit. So You can easily charge this doorbell without removing it.

This device is compatible with Android, Windows 10, iOS, and Mac. You need minimum 1 Mbps of upload speed. To get optimal performance, 2 Mbps speed is recommended. The audio system of this device is two-way audio with noise cancellation property. The dimension of this wireless doorbell is 5.05 inch X 2.50 inch X 1.08 inch. The field of view angle is 160 degree. The temperature range is (-20.5 to 48.5) degree centigrade. They will provide a one-year warranty on parts and also on theft protection.

SkyBell HD

SkyBell HD is a wireless doorbell with multiple receivers. Multiple receivers can get doorbell alerts and answer the door. SkyBell HD comes up with two color variants. Aluminum texture and Bronze texture. Live monitoring and HD video with 5X zoom is available. The video recording is free. “SkyBell HD” records every video. You can download and watch these videos at any time. This device also has a motion sensor and a color night vision feature.

  You can easily capture photos of your visitors by pressing a button. like Ring doorbell 2, SkyBell also provides theft guarantee. The temperature range of this device is (-40 to 60) degree centigrade.

You can check all the activity history at the end of the day. The list includes missed visitors, receive visitors, answered video calls.

one good thing with this device is, you can use this device in quiet mode. Sometimes we need silence. In that case, this doorbell comes to play. You can easily mute the ring of your bell.

Best Wireless Doorbell For Your Home best wireless doorbell UK doorbell that alerts your phone wireless doorbell with multiple receivers best wireless doorbells in 2018

You can buy both the best quality doorbell from the given link

Ring video doorbell 2 

SkyBell HD

In the end, I want to say that both the doorbells are the best wireless doorbells in 2018. The price of these two doorbells is almost the same. Now it’s your choice which one you want to buy. This is not promotional content. This article is only to give you some information. So if you like this please subscribe flodest and don’t forget to share your thoughts about this. Thank you.

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