Protect your eyes from blue light

Protect your eyes from blue light

Hello folks, today I am going to discuss how to protect your eyes from blue light, how they affect your eyes, and I will also tell how to use your smartphones and laptops, especially at night. At night all the other lights are off and the blue light which is emitted from your mobile and laptops are very much affected your eyes and also your body.

How blue light affects us:

A day without our smart gadgets like smartphones, laptops, tablets are not possible. Every time we are busy with our Smartphones. So if you use your phone constantly your eyes will become tired. That causes pain in your eyes. Let’s talk about another problem. A particular hormone is in our body which helps us to sleep.suppose you read something on your smartphone or tablet or chatting with friends, watching videos, or reading news for many more hours your brain generates a signal. This signal told to your body that it’s daytime and you have to stay awake. That means you will have a major sleeping problem. If you do not sleep properly then your body will become very tired and you will not able to do any work. If you do it day by day then your health condition will become very bad. So I provide some tips and tricks to get rid of this problem.

How to get rid of this problem:

We have to do the daily basis work. We need to complete our work. We have to use our smartphones at night and as well as we need to take care of our eyes too. So I have a little solution for this. But keep in mind that this is not the complete solution for you. The complete solution depends upon your self-control. If you use your phone continuously then it will definitely damage your eyes and body. So you need to control the use of smart gadgets. The first rule is that set a time when you go to sleep. Do not use your phone after that time. We all know that smartphones have radiations. Any radiation can affect your body and sleeping pattern. So keep your smartphone away from bed at night.

Blue light filter technique:

The best way is to use a blue light filter. At night when you use your smartphone, you need a blue light filter application. The blue light filter applications help us to reduce the blue light from your screen, reduce the brightness and protect our eyes. There some change in the color of your smartphone screen when you use blue light filter applications. your screen becomes slightly yellowish but it does not damage your phone. These applications will not affect your phone’s LCD and hardware. In the section below, I provide you some links of blue light filter applications. Use can use it. All the applications are free to use. These apps will support all the smartphones which have color temperature control option in settings.

Link of some Android Blue light filter applications

Blue Light Filter – Leap Fitness Group

Bluelight Filter for Eye Care by Hardy-infinity

Blue Light Filter – Screen Dimmer for Eye Care by Health group

Blue Light filter By PANAGOLA

There are many smartphones which have an inbuilt blue light filter option to protect your eyes from blue light. From iOS 9 version this option is provided to all iPhones .some of the Android blue light filter applications has a timer option. By using these apps you can set a particular time to filter blue light.

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