Facebook new rules for API developers, user’s privacy protection

Facebook new rules for API developers, user’s privacy protection

Facebook has come with a new update for API developers to maintain user’s privacy and security.On Tuesday Facebook has announced that some API will be shut down soon. The new policy for developers is changed. Now the API developers of Facebook and Instagram cannot share your private data with the public. Not even that, they also not able to share your friend’s data without their express permission. It will protect users from those apps which steal our data. This change will effect on new apps from today.The other existing apps have only 90 days to change their design. On August 1 all the apps who have not follow the new rule of Facebook will automatically shut down by the Facebook team. App developers should use Facebook sharing dialog to get the permissions from users.

Most of the Facebook users facing a problem when they use any apps and forget to change its settings, the apps continuously post their private data on the timeline and make it public. So this problem will never occur again because of the new rule by Facebook.The other change in Facebook is that they can only broadcast you live. The other third-party app who have the features of live broadcasting will be closed soon.This will protect your privacy.This is the second time the company changes its policy. Earlier in April Facebook shut down the older Instagram platform and it rejects many apps at that time.In the next week, we hope that Facebook will announce more platform related updates in their F8 conference.

In the end, we would like to say that Facebook wants to maintain a relationship between developers. Facebook will take care of those developers who affected by this. For developers, there will be a form. If your business is affected by this policy and you want to let them know about your problem, just fill out this form and you will get the resolution soon.


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