Google Assistant will now read stories to kids, learn how will work

A great feature has added to Google Assistant, which is very special for parents and also for kids. This feature will teach children stories by reading stories. Whenever you give commands to Google Assistant, it will start reading and reciting stories from the Panchatantra and from the other books. But as of now, it only has English stories. In the future, they can include other languages.

Launched feature in 4 countries

Google has launched ‘Tell me a story‘ feature in four countries, including India, Australia, UK, and the United States. Product Manager of Google Assistant Eric Liu wrote a blog post and told that the latest version of Google Play Books should also be installed in the user’s Android or iOS device to listen to the best stories.

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How to activate

If you want Google to teach stories to children, you will have to say ‘Hey Google, tell me a story’ on Android or iOS device. After this, it will start to tell the story.

Google assistant will also teach children, “Do not speak the lie, do not greed, do not quarrel” by reading the Panchatantra stories.

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