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Hello folks, welcome to Flodest. So today I am going to tell everything about Google image reverse search. I will cover all the aspects like:-

What is Google Image Reverse Search?

To find a specific Image we just open any search engine and type. Then the search engine shows us relevant images in respect of what we type. This is a basic type of all image search engines. But the technology of Reverse Image Search is totally different and it is just a fantastic thing with respect to many factors. I will definitely discuss the benefits of this feature but before that let’s understand how is this work.

Reverse search is a feature provided by the Google team. By this feature, you can search by an Image and find similar images. Let me tell you in details. suppose you have an image on your hard drive or on your phone. Now you want to find the source of the image, means to know the source domain or URL of this image, or maybe you want to get the different sizes of the same image then this feature will help you. Just upload the image you want to search for or you can put the URL of an image. Google will instantly show all the similar images with different dimensions.

We know that Google has provided many more fantastic services and features. Almost all of them are free to use. Like every Google feature, this feature is also provided at 100% free of cost.

What are the benefits of Image Reverse Search?

You will get the same Image with other sizes

Suppose you have an Image. You want to use it on a high scale resolution. But the image you have is very small. Then this Reverse image search tool comes to play. Just upload your Small resolution image. Google will provide you the same Image with high resolution.

You will know the Source of the Image you have

Sometimes we need to know the source of an original Image. By using this Reverse Search tool you can easily know that.

Check plagiarism of an Image

Before using any Image commercially we should know about the copyright attribution of this Image. Is this Image used before, is this a unique image, Who is the owner of this Image, etc. To get this type of answers you need to use this tool.

Check who use your Image

You may be the owner of some digital paintings, logos, Graphic designs, photographs, etc. Check who use your Images without your permission. By using the tool you can easily find out this.

To know about an unknown Image/ Check fake images on Google

To know all the details about an unknown Image, just use Google Image reverse search. You will get all the necessary details about this Image. It is also applicable to find fake accounts, search place by image, etc. you can also find a person on facebook using a photo.

What are the compatible browsers?

The compatible browsers to perform this task are given below:-

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Mozilla Firefox
  3. Safari

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How to Reverse Image Search on your Phone & Computer?

Google Image reverse search on PC

It is very much easy to use Reverse Image Search in PC. Just follow the steps:-

1) Open any of the above-listed browsers.

2) Now go to your address bar and type (You can directly go by clicking on the link)

3) There you will see a Camera icon (). Click on that.

4) After Clicking on it there are two options “Paste Image URL” & “Upload an Image

Google Image Reverse Search

 5) Choose whatever you want. After providing Image to google you can instantly see your results.

Reverse Image Search on your Mobile

When we open the page from mobile, the camera icon () is not available. So, therefore we can not do Reverse Image Search. But there is some way to perform this task very easily on Mobile. 

The first method is, open your Mobile Chrome or Firefox or Safari browser. Then go to Google’s Image search section. Now In the right top corner of the browser, you can see three dots symbol. Touch on that and select “Desktop Site” option. After doing that the desktop version of google page will open and here you can see the camera icon. The further process is the same as above Desktop version.

How to Reverse Image Search on your Phone

The second method is, there are some sites who build a Reverse image search engine into there Website. This may be done by scripting. These sites are connected to Google Image Reverse search by their own Coding, and they have done a spectacular job. I personally use their sites from mobile to perform this task. So, use reverse image search from mobile is no more tough enough. You can try also, I Provide Some name in the below section

1) “Labnol“- In this site, the design of the Reverse Image search engine is just fabulous. Just go and try.

2) The next one is “PrePostSeo“. They are connected to Google, Bing & Yandex Reverse Image Search Engine. Their performance is also pretty good.

3) Then “SmallSeoTools” is working the same as above. 

4) And The Last but not least is “TinEye“. This Site is working only for Reverse Image search purpose. There are more than 10 engines are connected to this site. They also provide paid Reverse Image Search APIs.

What are the best Apps for Reverse Image Search?

There are some Applications are available for Android and also for iOS by which you can easily perform the reverse image search task. 

1) Google Lens

If we are talking about reverse image search Apps then Google Lens obviously take the first place. Google lens is a small size app with fantastic features. This Application is available for both Android and iOS version.   

Google lens

What this App can do?

a) It is helping us to copy a text from an image.

b) By this Application, you can identify unknown plants and animals.

c) You can find similar products by this.

d) Helping us to discover Books & media.

e) It is also able to scan Barcodes and QR codes.

Download: Google Lens for Android

Download: Google Photos for iOS

2) CamFind

This is another great App develop by CloudSight Inc. This App will provide some special feature like private searching, Visual reminders, and Social sharing. The additional features of this Application are:-

a) Barcode and QR code Scanning

b) You can search by voice

c) It helps us to translate Language.

d) Text Search feature

e) VoiceOver Compatible

To download CamFind follow the Below links

Download: CamFind Android

Download: CamFind iOS 

3) Veracity

Similarly, Veracity App is a good app for Reverse Image Search. But It is Only Available for iOS. This is a free tool, Compatible with iOS 9.0 or later. Here you can choose images from the Photo library or you can use your Camera. 

Download: Veracity for iOS

4) Photo Sherlock – Reverse Image Search

Photo Sherlock

This is also a good Application. The search engines connected to this App is Google and Yandex. Upload from gallery and camera both options are present. It is available for both Android and iOS users. 

Download: Photo Sherlock Android

Download: Photo Sherlock iOS 

5) Reverse Image Search by THINK FREE

This Application is connected with multiple search engines. If you search for an image they will Show images from Google, TinEye and Yandex. To turn on multiple search engines just go to Setting and Turn on MultiSearch Engines option. Search from photo gallery and from the camera is available. This App also has Social media sharing options.

Reverse Image Search
Reverse Image Search App Settings

Download: Reverse Image Search by THINK FREE

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