Best Green Screen App for Android

Best Green Screen App for Android / Chroma key video app Android

Hello, today I am going to tell you, how you can remove the background of your video by using green screen method. This method is also called Chroma key video feature. You do not need to use a computer for this. You can do it form your mobile phone. yes, friends, it is true. I will tell you the best green screen app for android. So stay tuned.

Nowadays green screen method is a very much common method for all video creators and also for movie makers. By using it you can easily remove backgrounds from your videos. This method is done in almost every Hollywood movies. It is done in Bollywood movies also. At the time of making videos, we do not have always a good looking background. In this case, the green screen method plays a very good role. You might be a YouTuber or a video creator and facing this type of problems regularly. Then I must say that this is the right place for you. You can make an awesome video by applying this green screen method. only you need an Android phone.

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Green screen video editor App for Android

You need to download KineMaster App from Google play store. This is the best green screen app for android. You can get it for free. The free version gives a watermark on produced videos. To remove this watermark you have to pay some money. otherwise, both free and paid version have the same features. 

How to make a green screen video with Kinemaster

Hope you all download KineMaster App. First, take a video. Your video background should be covered by a green screen. You can use another color but the color you use should differ from the subject color. Now I will tell you the step by step process.


    1) First, you will need to add a specific background. It may be an image or a video. In my case, I want to add a tiger video with forest background. So I insert a forest image background first. Import a media from “media browser” and resize it.

green screen app android

 2) Then go to “layer” option. Insert the green screen background video. Resize the video as per requirement.   

chroma key video

 3) Just click on the video and you will see some options on your right-hand side. Scroll the options and find “Chroma key”.Enable the “Chroma key”. Select the “key color”. If you have a blue background which you want to remove, then change “key color” to blue.

kinemaster green screen download

4) There are some other options in chroma key section. These options are for adjusting the background. 

This process is very much easy. Hope you will understand this. One thing I want to mention at the end that you can use this effect of the following combination.

A) An image in the background and a green screen video in front( like the example given above)

B) Video and video combination 

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