How to recover deleted photos, videos and files easily

How to recover deleted photos, videos and files easily

Hello guys, welcome to flodest. Friends in many times we deleted our photos, videos, and files from our phones and from our computer also. But sometimes in the future, we need to get these back. So today I will guide you that how you can recover deleted photos, videos, and files easily in a minute. So let’s begin.

For PC users

recover deleted photos

So, guys, for PCs there is a software called EaseUS which will recover your deleted data. It is very efficient to recover photos, videos, and files. Just follow the above link and download it. It is available with both Windows and Mac versions. In trial mode, it will recover only 2 GB of data. If you need to recover more data then you need to buy the pro version of this software. I personally used the trial version and it. There process of recovery and quality of data after recovering is fantastic. So for your PCs, you can use it without any doubt.

For Android users

Next, talk about mobile data recovery application. For Android, you will get many applications in the play store. But I personally prefer DiskDigger photo recovery App. It is used to recover deleted photos. There is no need to have a rooted phone. It is working and recover deleted photos. But keep in mind that for not rooted phones it will scan limited areas only. If you have a rooted phone then it will scan deeply all the areas of your phone’s memory and recover deleted photos as well as videos also.

So, both the software EaseUS and DiskDigger is best in their own platform. Use it and comment in the below section. Tell us about the pros and cons you find. We will again come with a new tech topic. So, stay tuned. Thank You.

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  • May 15, 2019 at 7:01 pm

    Can you share a video on the process and how to use this tool? Many would like to see for sure or thus it really work. Also how many days or month can this tool recover deleted files.


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