How to secure Android phone from hackers

How to secure Android phone from hackers

Hello folks, Welcome to flodest, so today I am going to tell you how to protect your phone from being hacked. Just read the full article and you can easily protect your phone from hackers and from untrusted apps. people are often searching on the internet like this : –

How to secure my Android phone? 

How to protect my phone?

Can someone hack my phone and read my texts?

So let’s begin to the topic in details and the people who are searching for those above questions can get their answers also. just follow the steps given below and protect your Android phone easily. At the end of the article, I will give you an interesting photo of Mark Zuckerberg which is related to this topic.

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There are many Applications are installed on our phone. We use these applications on a daily basis. Some Applications are from google play store and some from untrusted sources. But did you know that which Application has you mic permission? which one has your media and camera permission? Most of the people are not bothered about that. They just install and use the applications as per their need. They give all the permission to access their phone’s camera, media, mic, location, etc.

Like the above image, all apps are taking some permission to use your personal data, mic, camera, etc. Now suppose that you install an untrusted App and give it permission to access your mic, camera, media. This App can hack your data, record your voice, and also can get your personal image by using your phone’s camera. So be aware of that.

first of all, do not download applications from other sources, only use Google play store to download an application. next, you have to think twice before giving permission to an app. Do not give the extra permissions to an application. you have to understand what is the purpose of this app and give permission to fulfill the purpose only. I give you an example. Suppose you download an app to record your voice. This application needs to access your mic and media also, but if this app wants to access your camera, do not give it.

How to turn on/turn off App permissions

If you mistakenly give permissions, there is a way to turn off it. First, open the “settings” of your phone and go to “App & notifications“. Then choose “App permissions“. There you can see an image like the above image. This above image is the screenshot of my phone’s App permissions settings. Here you can see that, out of 25 application I only give 12 apps to access my camera. If you want to turn off and on camera permissions, then open the camera option. You will see all the apps which use your camera and also the apps which need to use your camera(but the permission is turned off). By this way, you can turn off the permissions to use the camera, contacts, location, microphone and all the stuff given over there.

But keep in mind that some apps will not work properly if you turned off some permissions. I just tell you how to secure Android phone from hackers. So it is up to you which app you control what permissions you turned off.


Lastly, I show you a photograph of Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg. In this photo, it can be seen that Mark Zuckerberg covering his laptop’s microphone and webcam with tapes. So, what is the meaning of that? Hope you can understand.

So, be careful and maintain your phone’s privacy. Protect it from spam Applications and keep your data safe. If you like to read this post, if you think that it is beneficial for you, then please subscribe us. Thank you.

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