Things about Infinity Stones are needed to be known before hitting the theater

Things about Infinity Stones are needed to be known before hitting the theater

Hello folks! Here we will discuss about the Infinity Stones. Now all we know that, we are all eagerly looking forward for the most awaited movie of the year. “Avenger: Infinity war“. I know that you guys go after the trailers released by the Marvel Cinematic Universe several times. If you want to go for it again in the first place then just click here.

Now, here we are about to tell something, that you need to know before hitting the theater. In this post, we mainly tell you today about the Infinity Stones. Not to mention that you guys have already heard about it. Avenger: Infinity war till now the biggest creation of Marvel cinematic Universe. In addition to that Marvel Cinematic Universe will definitely surprise us with new characters and who knows we may see Game of Thrones famed Peter Dinklage. So, wait for the surprise and lets start our tour here.

  • Introduction

Now we need to know what are those infinity stones and why our beloved heroes fighting for it. If you are following the movies of Marvel Cinematic Universe right from the beginning, then you have the ideas about the infinity stones. In the movie, “Captain America: The Civil war” (Obviously the latest movie is Black panther, but civil war was the last movie where we saw almost all the heroes together, not exactly together! Huh! our most favorite “the big green guy” and the “God of thunder” was not there, maybe they are preparing for the Ragnarök) you may noticed that things are not going well between our heroes. In addition to that they are fighting (Obviously they are fighting all the time but this time within each other).

But time to put those conflict aside boys. Because Thanos is here. According to the directors Joe and Anthony Russo Thanos the meanest, the baddest and most powerful villain till created by Marvel Cinematic Universe”. Moreover Thanos is not alone this time, He is accompanied with some of his followers and obviously Chitauri Army. Furthermore our Heroes are suffering during the battle, as it is seen in the Trailers.

Now I will about to disclose why Thanos is so obsessed with those stones. And as well as I will give you some details about those stones. Thanos wants those stone to destroy half of this Universe just with a snap of his finger to satisfy his love Mistress Death.

There are total six of these infinity stones. These are immensely powerful. And the person whoever is able to wield those stones can become omnipotent and omniscience. The six stones are Mind Stone, Soul stone, Power stone, Time stone, Space stone and Reality Stone. Apart from the Soul stone all other stones are revealed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. I will discuss about the stones individually.

  • Infinity Stones

The Infinity Stones first appeared in the Marvel Comic Book “The Power of Warlock“. In addition to the name Infinity Stones the stones are originally referred to as Soul Gems. The Gems play a prominent role in all of the three phases of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Cosmic Entities created the Infinity Stones. All of these stones are uniquely capable. Only persons with immense capability can wield the stones or they will destroy themselves. Like Johann Schmidt (The Space Stone/Tesseract) in Captain America: The First Avenger and Carina (The Power Stone) in Guardian of the Galaxy. Or can become seriously ill like Jane Foster (The Reality Stone/Aether) in Thor: The Dark World.

Before the University existed there are six singularity, when the universe is created the singularities come in the form of six infinity stones. The stones are uniquely and equally powerful in the different aspects of the Universe.

  • Mind Stone

Colour of the stone– Yellow

Owners of the stone

Cosmic Entities




Wolfgang Von Strucker/ Hydra




Containing Unit: Loki’s Scepter

Description: The stone first appear in the first Avenger movie in the year 2012. The stone has uniquely powered to control the mind. And it is equally powerful as the other stones. In the movie we have seen that Loki controlled the Minds of Clint Barton and Dr. Erik Selvig. In the next Avenger Movie “Avengers and the age of ultron”. In the Hydra facility with the help of the stone Wolfgang Von Strucker research to give some uniquely designed powers to Sokovia twins Wanda and Pietro Maximoff. Not only that but also it created the mind of Ultron. And not to mention it has given immense power to vision. With the help of vision’s power coupled with the powers of Thor and Iron man Ultron was destroyed at the end of the movie. The stone is presently in Earth in Vision’s Head.

  • Power stone

Colour of the stone– Purple

Owners of the stone

Cosmic Entities

Eson the searcher

Cosmic Beings

Star Lord and the Guardian of the Galaxies

Ronan the Accuser

Nova Corps

Containing Unit: Orb

Description: The Stone first seen in the movie Guardian of the Galaxy in the year 2014. The Stone is incredibility powerful and of course gives its user the strength to harness the power to increase physical abilities and also to manipulate power. Thanos tasked Ronan the Accuser to find the stone from the dead planet of Morag. But starlord acquired the stone instead. Later Ronan the Accuser take it from starlord and betrayed Thanos. When Ronan became a threat to the sole existence of the planet Xander, The Guardian of the Galaxy destroyed him with the help of Nova Corps and Yondu Udonta and his Vance Astro. The stone is now under the guidance of Nova prime Irani Rael and Nova Corps in the planet Xander.

  • Time Stone

Colour of the stone– Green

Owners of the stone

Cosmic entities



Dr. Strange


Containing Unit: Eye of Agamotto

Description: The stone first seen in the movie Dr. Strange in the year 2017. The stone was kept protected in Kamar-Taj for many years before used by Dr. Strange. The Stone is similarly powerful as other infinity stones. It can control time and gives it’s rightful user the strength to control as well as to manipulate time. With the help of this stone Dr. Strange defeated Dormammu and Kaecillius ruler of the dark dimension and the dark wizard respectively by trapping in infinite time loop. The Stone is kept in New York Sanctum together with the eye of Agamotto.

  • Space Stone

Colour of the stone– Blue

Owners of the stone

Cosmic Entities


Church Keeper

Johan Schmidt/Hydra

Howard Stark





Containing Unit: Tesseract

Description: The Space stone is first seen in the movie Captain America: The First Avenger in the year 2011. Evil Nazi Supporter Johan Schmidt together with Dr. Zola tried to harness the power of it to destroy the enemy. But Captain America destroyed their plans along with the Howling Commandos. The Space stone gives its use the ability to be omnipresence as well as the ability to alter the space. In the Avenger first movie Loki used the stone to bring the Chitauri army from distance universe. It is also used to fix the Bifröst at Asgard.

  • Reality Stone

Colour of the stone– Red

Owners of the stone

Cosmic entities



Jane Foster



Taneleer Tivan

Containing Unit: Aether

Description: The reality stone first appeared in the movie Thor: The Dark World in the year 2013. It acts like a symbiotic force, capable of being absorbed into the body of a living host as well as giving the user the ability to warp reality at will and also granting that person immense strength, durability, powers, together with subjective influence over the universe. In the movie Dark Elves King Malekith tries to destroy all the eight realm as well as Earth with the help of it. But First Bohr father of Odin and then of course our beloved God of thunder stopped the evil plan. The Stone is presently at Knowhere, inside the Collector’s Museum.

  • Soul Stone

Colour of the stone– Orange

Owners of the stone– Unknown

Containing Unit: Unknown

Description: Very little known about the stone. But According to the Wong’s text it is comparatively more destructive and Uniquely powerful.


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