Mission impossible fallout movie review

We are here with the mission impossible fallout movie review. Furthermore, we will give you the total cast and crew details. During the review, we will give you a brief detail of the movie. So if you did not watch that yet, this is a serious spoiler alert for you. So, guys let start our post on mission impossible fallout movie review.

mission impossible fallout movie cast and crew

Directed by- Christopher McQuarrie

Written by-  Christopher McQuarrie, Bruce Geller


  1. Tom Cruise – Ethan Hunt
  2. Henry Cavill – August Walker
  3. Ving Rhames – Luther Stickell
  4. Simon Pegg – Benji Dunn
  5. Rebecca Ferguson – Ilsa Faust
  6. Sean Harris – Solomon Lane
  7. Angela Bassett -Erica Sloan
  8. Vanessa Kirby – White Widow
  9. Michelle Monaghan – Julia Meade-Hunt

mission impossible fallout movie review

Ethan Hunt is back with a bang. And this time he is not alone. Henry Cavill as August Walker is also with him. Moreover, Henry Cavill here is not a hero. But the man who is giving a challenge to Ethan Hunt. And believe us the superman famed actor is worth it. His uniquely crafted role is something worth watching. The story starts right after the last episode ‘the rogue nation’. After capturing Solomon Lane, Ethan Hunt thought that was the end of the terrorist organization The Syndicate. But he was wrong. The followers of Solomon Lane ‘The Apostles’ are getting stronger. And this time even within the CIA. Not to mention that they wished to free Solomon Lane and planned a nuclear attack. They even succeed to get three plutonium orbs. Powerful enough to destroy a lot of population. Now its time to see whether Ethan Hunt together with his few friends can contain the threat.

Tom Cruise is outstanding as usual. With a great support from the other actors. Specially to mention the act of Henry Cavil as a villain. The climax scene in the Himalayas is breathtaking. According to some critics, it is even better than the Burj Khalifa scene in ‘The Ghost Protocol’. There are some parts of the movie that needed to be improved. Especially the France part was getting little bored. But is comparatively better than the last two movies of the series. And one of the most disappointing facts is that Jeremy Renner is totally absent from the movie.

But never the less, the movie itself is very outstanding. Especially the act of Sean Harris aka Solomon Lane is worth to mention. He has acted wonderfully. His calm and cool villain figure is awesome. The other actors also have shown very mature and outstanding performance.

Our flodest critics wish to give the movie 7.8 stars out of 10. So, if have not watched that movie yet. Go for it. And for the latest and best entertainment news around follow flodest.com.

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