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In this article, I discuss a new SIM card recently launched in India “Patanjali SIM”. Baba Ramdev started as Yog Guru. Then as time progresses, the more surprising it is. We all know “Patanjali” now a well-known brand. They have many more products like soap, shampoo, oil, food products, ayurvedic products and many more. Now is the time to reveal something new. Now they want to come in telecom. They recently launched their “Swadeshi sammriddhi” SIM card in the market. After Vodafone, Airtel, Reliance, Jio the “Swadeshi sammriddhi” SIM card comes with some new features and offers. In the last Sunday on 27 May 2018, they launched their SIM card. They organize a program at New Delhi. Yog Guru Baba Ramdev says on this program that his telecom company is collaborating with BSNL. That means BSNL and Patanjali they both work for “Swadeshi sammriddhi” SIM. Now this SIM card is only for Patanjali members But after some few days, it will be launched for all.

Patanjali sim

What you get from “Swadeshi sammriddhi” SIM card ??

Baba Ramdev says that people can get many more facilities when the project is fully started for all. The users of this SIM card can get extra 10% discount on Patanjali products. Recharge with Rs.144, users can get unlimited calls, 2GB data and 100 SMS for 28 days. Not only that, a big surprise is waiting for you. They will provide accident and medical insurance with this SIM card. Shocked?? yes, it is true. They will provide 5 Lakhs as life insurance and 2.5 lakhs as Medical insurance.


How to get that SIM??

In India, there is 5 Lakh BSNL stores are available. You can get “Swadeshi sammriddhi” sim card from any of this stores.

Baba Ramdev says that This initiative is meant to provide telecom services to the common people of the country at a very low cost.

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