Serious Spoiler Alert: Avengers:Infinity war movie moments to remember

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  • Destruction of Xander

Thanos destroyed the Planet Xander to fetch his first infinity stone, the Power stone. Which makes him comparatively more powerful and then he sets his journey to the refuge ship from Asgard. And killed almost all Asgardians. After getting the Tesseract, he also killed Loki.

  • One on One battle with Hulk

Fans are waiting for the big moment. When our ‘most powerful avenger’ The Hulk take on Thanos ‘The most fearsome enemy’, it is really wonderful battle at the first site. But later it proved to be only a “Child’s play” for Thanos. He not only defeated Hulk but also Thor together with Loki. He was about to kill Hulk, but Heimdall teleported him to earth before brutally killed by Thanos. This most probably the end of Heimdall famed Idris Elba character from MCU.

  • Thor’s new weapon at Nidavellir

In a quest to defeat Thanos, Thor together with the members of Gaurdian of Galaxy (Groot and Rocket) visited Nidavellir. Where with help of Dwarven Blacksmith, he again forged a weapon as powerful as Mjolnir ‘The Storm Breaker’. And not to mention that The Dwarven Blacksmith is none other than our favorite Peter Dinklage.

  • Thanos sacrifices his most loving thing for soul stone

Yes folks, That’s true. Here in the part of the movie there are so many turns and tracks, it’s a full chance that you can loss your mind. No. 1 The most badass villain created by the MCU till now, still have his feelings. Not only that but also, he loved Gamora as his own child. And yes friends Thanos sacrifices his most valuable thing ‘Gamora‘ to get his fourth infinity stone The Soul stone. And guess what who is protecting the Soul stone!!! “Red Skull“, Don’t you know who is this Red Skull??? To know that, you have to watch the movie Captain America: The first Avenger or follow our future posts. Here in the movie Avengers:Infinity war The Soul Stone in finally revealed.

  • Thanos is almost defeated

Yes friends, that’s true. In a part of this movie Thanos was almost defeated by the Avengers (Spider Man and Iron Man) together with Some of Guardian of the Galaxy team members (Star Lord, Mentis, Drax) coupled with Dr. Strange. In spite of having the four Infinity stones, Thanos was almost defeated. The following team Attacked Thanos unexpectedly at his home planet Titan. But finally Thanos take over our heroes and get the time stone from Dr. Strange in return of Iron Man eka Tony Stark’s life.

  • The Infinity stones can be destroyed

Scarlet Witch proved to be a strong Avenger. She almost destroyed the uniquely powerful Mind Stone, But in the process she killed her love Vision. But with the help of time stone Thanos reversed the time and get hold of mind stone. And in the process he killed Vision.


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