Serious spoiler alert: Iron Man and Natasha Romanoff will die in Avenger end game

Serious spoiler alert: Iron Man and Natasha Romanoff will die in Avenger: end game

Before starting the post, It is a serious spoiler alert for those, who have not watched Avenger: end game yet. Here we are going to give you the detailed synopsis of the movie Avenger: end game. Avenger franchise end with a sad note. Iron Man and Natasha Romanoff died at the end. The total detailed story will be discussed in the following post. But before that subscribe to us for more entertaining news updates. And to follow the best, follow flodest.


Serious spoiler alert

yes, guys, it is true that our most beloved characters Iron Man and Natasha Romanoff will not make out of this last installment of the movie. The story started with a lower note where all the superheroes were devasted by the loss. They all are looking for a way to bring back there lost friends. But it seems that it is impossible. But with an adamant mind they finally able to get there target. And in this process, they sacrificed the most beloved character of Avengers movie series Iron Man and Nat.



At the starting, Tony and Nebula were struck in the deep space after losing to the battle with Thor. They are on the verge of inevitable death when Captain Marvel come as the savior for them. Broken and tired Tony and other members of the Avenger were in search of the remedial measure. They are all very angry and seek revenge against Thanos. In the process, they killed Thanos jointly. And Thor beheaded Thor, ‘I went for the head’ said Thor. But still, they are in no way to return there departed friends. After loosing there all hope the Avengers separated and try to lead their normal life.


2nd phase

After five years of the incident by accident, ant man came out of the Quantum Realm. And discovered that it is possible to travel back in time using the quantum realm. Captain America seeks the support of Tony but he denied because of his little daughter, ‘My hope is in my lap’ said Tony. But later he agrees to help. They finally traveled back to the time in groups. And start to collect the infinity stones one by one. During the collection of energy stone from the planet, Morag Nebula gets captured by Thanos. And using the same technology of quantum realm Thanos time travel to the present time with his huge army.

During the collection of reality stone Thor find his hammer Mjolnir. And the best twist of the story is that the hammer is used by Captain America. And during the hunt of Soul stone Nat sacrificed herself. ‘Soul against soul’. 

Even before the attack of Thanos, Hulk restored the wrongdoings of Thanos using all infinity stones. The battle with Thanos is surely one thing to remember for a long time. If you did not watch the movie yet, you should at least for the penultimate battle. And if you are going to watch the movie, make sure that you are watching it in IMAX 3D. At the final stage of the battle, Tony uses the infinity stones to reduce Thanos and his army into ashes. But in the process, he lost his life.


Overall review

Overall the movie is very entertaining and Russo brothers make sure that all strings join rightly. The movie grossed billions across the globe. And it is surely a movie to remember for a long time. Especially the death of Tony and Nat makes all very sad. But in spite of the fact that it is one of the best franchise, the final movie is not quite up to the mark. Even it is a little boring at some time. It seems that Russo brothers were in a hurry to end the franchise. Some of the parts of the movie are not easily understandable or little complicated. But in spite of the facts, the movie is surely very good to watch with family and friends.

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