Some Secret Android Codes You Don’t Know

Some Secret Android Codes You Don’t Know

Hello folks, hope you like my previous post Top 10 Most Popular Android Games in Google Play Store. So today’s topic is about some secret android codes. People face many Android-related problems daily. Sometimes the solution is very easy but they think it’s a major problem and they go to the service center to fix it but they can solve it very easily at their home. Android devices have some secret codes by which you can see several types of system data and it can resolve your problem. In the below section I will discuss some android secret codes which will make your work easier.

Message center number secret code:

Do you have a problem to send a message from your provider to any number!!!. It is a common problem for all mobile phones especially when we change our sim card (not always but sometimes). So the problem is due to the message center number. The message center number is not entered correctly. You think that just go to settings and you can find message center number option but unfortunately that option is not available for all mobile phones. So the procedure is

  • Open your dial screen and type *#*#4636#*#*
  • Choose “Phone Information” from the given options
  • You can see the “SMSC” option is available
  • just Refresh it, it shows your current settings
  • If the message center number is wrong then enter the correct message center number
  • click on Update

By dialing ##4636## code you can also check your

  • Phone Information
  • Usage statistics
  • Wi-Fi information
  • Cmas test alerts

Factory Restore:

If your phone is not working so well or working very slowly and you want to restore all your factory setting then the secret code is here. Just open your dial screen and type ##7780## and follow the steps, it will restore your phone.

To know your IMEI number:

IMEI number is a Unique identification number for all mobile phones and smartphones. The expansion of IMEI is the International Mobile Equipment Identity. If you want to know your phone’s IMEI number then just enter *#06# into your dial screen. If you have dual sim phone then two IMEI number will display.

Check the radiation level (SAR) of your smartphone by USSD codes:

Always check the radiation of a smartphone before purchasing it. If it is below than standard radiation level then it is OK, otherwise change your phone immediately and for new buyers please buy another phone which provides standard SAR value. To check your SAR value please dial * #07#. The standard radiation level is 1.6 Watts per Kilogram(1.6 W/Kg). Here are some phones models with their SAR level

Apple iPhone X A1865 – 1.09 W/KG

Apple iPhone 6 – 1.18 W/KG

Samsung Galaxy S8 – 1.55 W/KG

Samsung Galaxy S7 – 1.59 W/KG

Samsung Galaxy S4 – 1.18 W/KG

Samsung Galaxy S3 – 0.87 W/KG

To know your Firmware version:
open your dial screen and type * #1234#, it will show you the firmware version which is installed on your smartphones. It will work only on Samsung Galaxy phones.

If you don’t remember any of your numbers:
No matter if you forget any of your numbers or if your number is new and you don’t remember your number, the solution is here. There are some numbers given below as per provider just dial it to know your number.

Vodafone : *111*2#

Airtel : *121*9#

BSNL : *222#

Idea : *131*1#

Aircel : *234*4# or *133#

Tata Docomo : *580#

Reliance Jio: Just go to my jio app and find your mobile number, they will not provide ant USSD codes.

Conclusion: Among many Secret USSD codes I just discuss only the important codes. please comment below if you have a question and give your feedback. Thank You

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