Youtube Banner Dimensions – How to Set It Up Perfectly

Hello, welcome to flodest. Today I am going to tell you all about YouTube banner dimensions, how you set it up perfectly for all devices and best YouTube channel art maker sites.

It’s a very frustrating thing to make a perfect size of YouTube channel art that adjusts with all the devices like TV, Computers, Tablets, and Smartphones.

But after reading the full article it is no more a difficult job for you. I will discuss every topic which is related to YouTube channel art. So stay tuned.

YouTube Banner Size Details

We all know that the recommended size for YouTube banner is “2560 x 1440 px” and the maximum file size should be under 6 MB.

Minimum size of YouTube banner for upload is : 2048 x 1152 px.

But if you upload a “2560 x 1440 px” size image without knowing about YouTube banner dimensions, it will not be seen properly to all the devices.

Here YouTube Channel Art template comes to play. YouTube provides us a channel art template. You can download it directly from here or visit the Google support Help Center.

youtube channel art size

After downloading the zip file you can see that they provide both PSD file & PNG Image. The template looks like the above image.

Now, let’s understand this template. Here banner dimensions are given for Desktop minimum area, Desktop maximum area, mobiles, and Tablets. You have to design your banner’s all the areas such a way that it looks perfect from all devices.

Adjust YouTube banner dimensions in Photoshop

If you want to do it in Photoshop, some Photoshop skills are required. Follow the steps:-

Open Photoshop and import channel art template PNG file. We need to set this template as our background and after that, we will cover all the areas one by one. After completing the banner we will remove this template.

At first, you should design the center dark area. You can see that the dimension of the “TEXT AND LOGO SAFE AREA” is “1546 x 423 px“. This area is the most important area because it is in the center and visible to all.

Keep mind that it is especially for mobile devices. If your design goes outside of this area then it is not visible to mobile users. So put your best editing skills on that. Make a killer banner which attracts the viewers.

Similarly, you have to design the tablet and desktop max area. You can see the tablet visible area is ” 1855 x 423 px“. You already completed the center area. Now you only need to complete the sides.

If you want to design desktop max and tablet portion together, you can do it. My personal suggestion is to design it separately.

Now the TV banner. The dimension of TV is actually ” 2560 x 1440 px” that means it covers the whole area. So design the rest of the places. Make sure all your designs maintain a proper theme.

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Best Sites to Make Banners for YouTube

Don’t know Photoshop?? Nothing to worry. I will tell you some best sites from where you can make an awesome YouTube banner for your channel.


canva youtube channel art

Canva is a free design tool with tons of customizable design elements stock images and filters. It’s a great easy option for those with little experience in design. But as a simpler tool, you won’t be able to work with layers have more than one image stretch to the ends of your canvas or add effects to your text. There is also a pro plan in Canva by which you can use their premium designs and templates.


snappa youtube channel art

Snappa is another great tool for designing a YouTube banner. What I like about snappa is that your canvas already comes with visual guides that show you where the text and logo safe area is, as well as other areas. This way you don’t have to keep on changing the transparencies of images as you would have to do in canva.


fotor youtube banner

The number three is Fotor. This Youtube art creation tool is slightly better than Canva. Here you can stretch images to the end without removing other images, which is not possible in canva. There also some free and premium designs available on this site.

Adobe Spark Post

adobe spark youtube channel art

Adobe Spark post is an Awesome YouTube banner creation tool, by that, you can create your own stunning YouTube channel art just in seconds. You can create your art online or you can download their iOS App. They provide awesome background images and designs which make your banner more professional.


picmonkey youtube banner

PicMonkey is another great platform where you can make a beautiful YouTube Art. unlike most of the online design tools that I have previously mentioned, in PicMonkey, you can toggle between layers as you can in Photoshop. Select from a variety of blending options and you can also have the ability to draw and erase.

They also have a huge collection of customizable templates. You can select one and customize. Although templates are a great place to start, if you want to start from scratch, they also have this option. In this list, it’s the closest tool you get to photoshop.

YouTube Channel Art Best Practices

  • Use always HD images
  • Channel banner should be matched with channel Logo
  • Your banner should look professional
  • It is better to create a simple design
  • Provide Social links
  • Make a meaningful banner. Do not use only textures.

YouTube Channel Art Size Related FAQs

What is the size of a YouTube banner?

The recommended size of the YouTube banner is 2560 x 1440 px. Minimum upload dimension is 2048 x 1152 px. The file size not more than 6 MB.
The safe area dimension to use logo and texts is 1546 x 423.

How to make a YouTube channel banner?

The best sites to make YouTube channel banners are

visit these sites to create a stunning YouTube banner or you can use Photoshop.

How do you add channel art?

Follow the steps:

  • Click your logo on the right top and go to YouTube Studio(beta).
  • Again click on the logo and go to “your Channel”.
  • Go to “customize channel”.
  • click on “Add channel Art”
  • Then upload your YouTube channel art.

I’m not able to save my banner. What do I do?

This problem occurs when you upload too many images. You need to delete some image from Google album. Just follow the steps :

  • Go to Google Album Archive
  • Open YouTube channel art folder
  • Delete some unwanted photos
  • Then try to upload again.

Final Words

Here I provide you all the information which is related to YouTube channel art and YouTube banner dimensions. I also provide you 5 best youtube channel art creation sites. I hope you find this helpful. If you have any question regarding this, then please comment below and don’t forget to subscribe Flodest to know about our future posts. Thank You.

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