YouTube channel monetization still under review ?? Fix it

YouTube channel monetization still under review ?? Fix it

Hello friends, welcome to flodest. So in this post, I will discuss why your YouTube channel is still under review and how to fix it. At the initial stage when YouTube was started the creators can earn money from their first view, but on 2017 YouTube partner program has been changed. The policy is said that you should get minimum 10000 views to monetize your channel. After getting 10K views you will be reviewed and your channel will be monetized. But on Jan 2018 YouTube has changed their program again. The new rule is your channel should complete 4000 hours watch time within last 12 months and should get 1000 Subscribers. It is not only for new creators but also for the creators who have not to reach this target yet. Now, many Youtubers has completed this target but in the monetization section, YouTube says that your application is under review.

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Why your monetization still under review?

There are some reasons for it. I will discuss one by one. First of all, I would like to say that, there is a huge number of applications is submitted to YouTube for review purpose, so because of that there will take some more time. In the monetization page, YouTube has already said that “Application for the YouTube partner program is still in a backlog. We hope to be able to review all open application by end of April”. So friends please wait for a couple of weeks and if your channel maintains all the partner program policies which are given by Adsense then you can definitely monetize your channel. If you break the community guidelines then forget about monetization. In the below section I will discuss another reason why YouTube does not monetize your channel.

Do you have a copyright strike on your YouTube channel ??

If you have only one copyright strike in your channel then you are not able to monetize. If you delete this video or if the video is deleted by the claimant then the strike needs 3 months to expire. You can send retraction request to the copyright owner by through mail or you can contact them through YouTube private messaging feature.

Is your content advertiser-friendly ??

Your Content should have advertiser-friendly. It means the video which you upload on your channel it should be suitable for advertising. If the advertiser does not found any content from your channel as per their requirement then they will not provide any ads in your video. So before making your videos or start a new channel please follow advertiser-friendly content guidelines.

Don’t post any types of sexual content, Harmful or dangerous content, hateful content and violent content

Don’t upload any type of sexual content in your channel because YouTube is not for sexually explicit content. If you upload these types of videos on your channel, it will be banned soon. Do not upload any harmful content that encourages others to do things that might cause them to get badly hurt.

Except this, there are some more rules and regulations. You can not post videos which are like Harassment and cyberbullying, spam misleading metadata, and scams, threats, impersonation, child endangerment, etc. To know about these policies in detail please visit the YouTube community guidelines section.

If the review process takes to much time then you can send feedback. Just sign in your Gmail account – open YouTube – then go to Creator studio. In the left side column, you can see the Help & feedback option. Click on it and choose to send feedback option. Write your problem and attach the screenshot and send it. After some time you will get a mail from YouTube and they will give you all the details.

Share if you facing any type of problem. To know anything about this topic please comment in the section below.

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